Waterberg Bushveld Retreat

"Nestled in the Waterberg Biosphere and overlooking an amazing valley with breath taking views"
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Waterberg Bushveld Retreat Game Breeding

waterberg bushveld retreat game logoWaterberg Bushveld Retreat is nestled on the edge of a large secluded valley, in the heart of the Waterberg Biosphere of Limpopo, 2 ½ hour drive from Pretoria. We breed animals in a mixture of Sour- and Sweet Veld, within a Heart Water area. Although we have a host of other animals, we specialize in the breeding of top quality Buffalo and we also focus on outstanding Golden Wildebeest. We make use of a combination of passive capture systems together with chemical immobilization. All our animals are DNA profiled and strict record keeping is practised.


Our aim is to breed top quality, extremely healthy animals, which should be excellent representations of their species.


  • Do not compromise quality for anything else, Breed quality rather than quantity
  • Health practices are followed strictly
  • Breed well-adjusted and strong animals, in the Waterberg, that will adjust anywhere else
  • Only the best quality is used for breeding
  • Keep strict records for all animals in terms of DNA profiling and measurements
  • We believe in proven breeding lines and proven family lines from exceptional genetics
  • All our origin animals are handpicked and bought from excellent breeders, thereby selecting from within a selected group/genetics
  • Select only the exceptional of the species
  • All our animals live within our hearts and mean the world to us
  • We are humbled by the privilege to be able to work with, look after and conserve these magnificent creatures, loaned to us by the Creator of all